Please help me. sad

I am a real beginner trying to learn German and cases are really confusing me. 

I can't work out the correct sentences if I do not know what nouns are.


I am trying to figure out 

Nominative, accusative, dative and genetive.  I would like to understand it in English at present.

Maybe if you tell me the cases, and why  then I can construct the German sentence.


1) The man threw the ball to the boy.

I think I know this one.

The man is the subject so the article will by male and nominative.

The ball is directly affected so the article will by male and accusative.

The boy is indirectly affected so the article will by male and dative.

Hopefully that is correct and that is the sort of info I need for other examples.


for example:

If I say 

2)  The woman's son threw the ball to the boy.

How does that change things?


3)  His large animals have hunger.      What are the cases for this one.


Thanks in advance.

Marcop  31.05.2018

Thank you but I was really hoping for specific answers to these sentences.

Marcop  03.06.2018

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